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    Parcel Perfect™ Courier & Freight Management Software

    Parcel Perfect - Software for the Courier Industry

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    Parcel Perfect™ includes...

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    Minimal start-up and implementation costs - then only pay for what you use!
    Easy to use interface allowing single point waybill entry and a single access point to all related waybill information, including POD images and cost breakdowns.
    Complete debtors accounting, including waybill level receipt allocation for accurate reconciliations of your customer accounts.
    A collection management system based on low-cost SMS technology.
    Real-time parcel tracking via the web, email or sms.
    End to end parcel tracking across all Parcel Perfect™ software enabled companies.

    Parcel Perfect™ empowers your business by cutting costs, increasing accuracy and providing a clear picture of where your profits and losses lie.

    Our Approach...

    > Online Solutions
    > Collection Management
    > Piece Level Parcel Tracking
    > Fleet Tracking and Utilisation
    > Mobile Solutions
    > POD and Document Imaging
    > Accounts Receivable and Payable
    And much more, bluetooth peripheral device driverfor windows 7

    The Parcel Perfect™ solution is packed with features designed to make your life easier.
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  • The gritty details of running Parcel Perfect. Essential tech-head reading.
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    What they say
    "Sophisticated whilst user friendly, cost effective and easily adaptable to our requirements Parcel Perfect™ was attractive as we needed to manage a number of multiple and single user hubs nationally. The Adept Software Team are always willing to assist and service can only be regarded as exceptional. Parcel management - made easier with Parcel Perfect™."

    Geoff Kilpatrick
    Systems & Administration Manager,
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